helping chane health by the way we eat!

Methods and Analysis

Sample size required is recommended between 500 to 1000 patients this is enough to demonstrate a significant differences between the selected nutritional groups.

The level of service and quality fresh food delivered is second only to a patient having their own live in chef. Controlling food intake to this level allows you to receive real time information direct in to your data base.

Calculating and tracking the exact dietary intake of any participants is now easy.

Our Approach


From hospital and out-patient clinics from around the UK weather by the midwife recommending a plan for gestational diabetes or via other opt-in schemes informed patients consent is gain with in the order process.  


We can match the exact lifestyle and eating preferences of any subjects, allowing them to customise their diet plans, considering lifestyle, likes, dislikes allergens and preferred dishes, without the logistics of what to eat and when as this is all instructed with each delivery made. Personalising fresh food home delivery diet plans for the past 17 years with over a decade of evolution in our propriety software give us the experience the technology and the production kitchens to deliver your porject.


Real Results

Plenty of time is allowed for questions and patients are encouraged to ask as many as they wish.

healthier relationship with the benefits of fresh foods.


We incorporate and fully validate your questionnaire, asking a variety of questions tailored to your specific campaign. aspects of life: past medical history and current treatment, job status and educational achievements, smoking, alcohol consumption and many more question can be presented with real time feed back direct to you database. This information can be used to construct a complete lifestyle profile of progression in line with the diet consumed. We can even incorporate lifestyle follow-up questionnaires to identify any changes in the lifestyle and general health of the individual over the following years.



General Health Questionnaire

This questionnaire asks about the individual is feeling and so allows the  assessment of certain levels of anxiety and certain elements of stress. We can incorporate General Health Questionnaire standards into your SilentChef campange.



Delivering The Nutritional Balance Required

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