recipe managmentRecipe Creation

Recipe Creation

nutritional reportingNutritional Reporting

Nutritional Reporting

Allergen Tracking and ReportingAllergen Reporting

Allergen Reporting

nutritional info to website Website linking

Website Linking

calorie countingCalorie Monitoring

Calorie Monitoring

create recipe menusMenu Creation

Menu Creation

staff login to informationStaff Login Levels

Staff Login Levels

Waiter and StaffWaiters & Staff

Staff Bookings

staff clocking and resultsStaff clock

Staff Clock

scale recipes and portion sizesScale Recipes

Scale Portions

Staff MessagingStaff Messages

Staff Messaging

Smart phone ControlSmartphone Control

Smart Phone Control

compliant stored recipe dataCompliant Recipe data

Stored Recipes

search recipes to inform customerCompliant Recipe data

Recipe Search


NA provides an unprecedented level of flexibility  Simply create new recipes, courses or groups.

Entering the number of servings required for each item generates the food orders required after considering stock levels.

Dispatched orders are fed directly back to the customer and access to recipes ensure continuity with taste and nutritional values while optimising kitchen production and the customer’s wait time.



Recipe Freedom

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Consistency of Dishes

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Nutritional Linking

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Compliance Reporting

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Allergen Management

 Maintain a safe and hygienic  


Staff Clock

Staff electronic clock – Multiple benefits.

Transparent Information

Staff confidence – Empower and 


Staff Members

Staff level logins allow access to the 



Menu Creation

Drag your dishes to create menus see



Food Ordering

Selecting multiple menus and adjusting


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Production Control

Control and administer production

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Online Shop

Online Shop, with all recipes and 

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Post Code Sales Zoning

Sale postcode – Control the areas you

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restaurant software 

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With your recipes are in, your nutrition and allergen reporting is just a bi-product of the recipes and menus you decided to create, managed and sell.

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Totally mobile – Have the ability to single-handedly manage any given location, all from a seamless single step process from any mobile device.

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