allergen management

Allergen Management

Maintaining a safe and hygienic environment means keeping staff aware of the 14 allergens with a HACCP system in place. Restaurants, Sandwich Shops, Takeaways, and Hot Dog Stalls, in fact, any business that creates and sells food directly to the consumer is in this scope. The catering industry has the highest turnover of staff. Training and relying on them to relay the correct ingredient information on the 14 allergens is not something most can rely on and with much now at stake getting it wrong could have devastating consequences.

Manslaughter Conviction

tick the boxesAllergen Management

  • Freely create new recipes
  • Allergen icons display contained
  • Allergen handling on recipes sheets
  • Exclude dishes with allergens¬†

Expected Outcome

  • EHO compliance helps hygiene score
  • Chefs and staff allergen awareness
  • Customer confidence
  • Allergen Report for all your Recipes
  • Staff access via Tablet/Phone
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