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Recipe Management. Nutritional Control. Compliance Reports.

Innovate and create, using the recipe builder you are able to replace, modify and transform. Maximise flavour and ensure customer satisfaction, Optimise and expand the dishes you have on offer, easily duplicate for multiple portion sizes. A range of nutritional reporting and labelling options are offered either by short-code which delivers dynamic updates to WordPress sites or copy and pasted into existing systems like Just Eat depending on what is required by legislation or the subscribing business. Just drag and drop your ingredients to make new recipes or move recipes to groups to make up courses for the whole day if desired before viewing the calories and all nutritional information required at the push of a button.

tick the boxes Consistency

  • Recipes ensure Customer get what they expect
  • Consistent calorie and portion size
  • Same standards across chefs and team
  • Increased customer confidence

Excpected Outcome

  • Transparency and Compliance
  • Consistency of Dishes Across all Chefs
  • Central Nutritional Information
  • Allergen Report for all your Recipes
  • Staff Nutritional Information on Phone
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