Staff Clock

Staff Clock

Staff electronic clock РMultiple benefits ranging from operational to cost-saving, increase employee productivity. Simple In & Out methods that include breaks for your employees to clock in & out from work.  Generate automated Timesheets & Reports for Payroll, Billing, or Productivity Improvement. The online timesheet system is an ideal operation that needs to have detailed information alining times to projects allows you to pinpoint your costs and compile your monthly payroll in minutes. Since timesheets are in real-time you can quickly see who is working or on a break, this can be viewed both on a daily and also on a weekly basis it is really simple to get an overview of your costs at all times.

tick the boxes Staff Clock

  • Keep exact track of staff hours
  • Clock in and out for breaks
  • Monthly report for payroll
  • Real-time transparency¬†

Expected Outcome

  • Optimised staff hours
  • Reduced break times
  • Real costing per operation
  • Holiday tracking
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